The Dinner setting sits atop a grassy knoll in the meadow of Meadow Lane Farm. Look around, and you will see only pastoral views of parts of the 1,000 acre farm as far as the eye can see. Last year, we saw breathtaking cloud formations in the distance.  You never know what beauty you may see out in the meadow.

On the day of the Dinner, teams of volunteers gather to pull together a spectacular evening for you, our guests... a little tired, but filled with nothing but excitement to see their year of brainstorming and plans and efforts all come together once more.  And scattered about are our chefs, busy themselves! Some carving melons and putting together their final touches, while others have been up since the crack of dawn (or before) tending grills and fire for our roasted meats... 

As you see, a whole lot of love and passion for our mission comes together by so many to make Dinner in the Meadow a memorable event for you, our guests. We are all on the same journey here, to preserve our culinary heritage and cultures and with your support of the Dinner, we all travel this road together to help those around us working tirelessly to see that happens.  

September will be here real soon, so please don't tarry in purchasing your tickets. Our dinners do sell out, and you don't want to be disappointed and miss out on an evening in the meadow.

We are honored to have WUNC's Frank Stasio as our host again for our 7th year as we gather to celebrate our rich history and heritage of  small family farms and award our annual Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund grant to this year's recipient. 

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7th Annual Dinner in the Meadow

Date TBA September 2022   
5:30 - 8:30

The Dinner

Please check back often on the Chef's page  for our delicious menu...
it's always a work in progress, right up to a few days before we gather.