The Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund was established to support and cultivate small farms in our region of North Carolina. Founded in 2014, the Fund works to aid the development and long-term sustainability of small farms through an annual grants program.

A small farm, for the purpose of this grant, will typically be the enterprise of one person or family and the farmer must generate at least 50% of his or her personal income from the farm operation. The farm must have been in operation for at least two years by July 1 of the year of the grant. Previous grant recipients are not eligible.

The purpose of the grant is to improve the operations of the recipient farm to insure the continuation and long-term success of the farm. There is no limitation on the use of the grant, but it is expected to be used for the purpose described in the grant application. The amount of the grant is
$5,000 and will be awarded at the 2o21 annual Dinner in the Meadow.

In addition to the submitted grant, an interview at the farm is required. Grant proposals may be submitted via email or standard mail, but must include the information requested in the form.

Please contact Tammy Manning with any questions you might have regarding the grant at

Sandra, Fabian, Cody, Fiamma and Fermin
Read about their small farm and its mission 


DUE DATE:  June 1, 2022

Leonard-Mobley Small Farm Fund Grant

Established 2014

​Eligible Counties: Franklin, Granville, Person, Durham, Vance,
​Warren, Wake, Nash, Halifax, Chatham, and Wilson

Grant Application

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